Heikki Rousu, luthier: Swedish maker of my 11 string guitar in conventional tuning. Heikki is the most prolific contemporary maker of alto guitars, among other types of guitar. He will make almost any type of extended range guitar to order so he was the obvious person to go to when I wanted a guitar made to my specification. His guitars are also well regarded and very competitively priced:

Roman Kuznetsov, luthier: maker of my 11 string alto guitar, based in Scotland. I heard good reports about his guitars, tried a number of 6 string guitars made by him, was very impressed and eventually convinced him to make his first, experimental 11 string. On trying this alto guitar I was immediately blown away by its powerful, resonant sound so I bought it promptly. Roman is influenced by the Australian school of guitar makers known for producing guitars that project particularly well, due to modern and innovative construction methods. His website is being re-designed at the moment but watch this space!

Michael Sander, luthier: German maker of my 13 string guitar in Baroque lute tuning. Michael makes lutes and guitars in his workshop in Wiesloch,  northern Baden-Württemberg. His workmanship is superb and he is a very approachable person. He is one of the few luthiers who has made and sold 13 string guitars. His prices are very good value: 

Classical Guitars Copenhagen: seller of many fine guitars, including alto and other extended range guitars:

Bergmann Edition: publisher of classical guitar music, including my own. Many titles are by new and less well known composers and there are also arrangements of music by the great composers. Scores are available to download, or as printed scores, sent directly from the publisher:  

Delcamp Classical Guitar Forum: the single most useful stop for anyone interested in classical guitar lessons, information, discussion, free scores, guitars for sale among other topics:

Forrest Guitar Ensembles: free, downloadable music for guitar solo and ensembles, including arrangements for 6 string guitar of the major works of S. L. Weiss:

Eric Crouch's "Guitarloot" site: free arrangements for guitar solo and ensemble, of music from the Renaissance and Baroque periods:

Sarge Gerbode's lute music site: a truly incredible resource of lute music in lute tablature - thousands of pieces by the greatest lute composers of the Renaissance and Baroque period. Most Renaissance lute pieces can be played on guitar with minor adjustment - tuning the 3rd string down a semitone and with some bass notes placed up an octave:

Lute Society: loads of useful information about the lute and plenty of downloadable lute music from Tree Edition:

Petrucci Music Library: another massive resource for scores, facsimiles, early editions etc. including guitar music. Many published works by guitar composers of the past are available here:

Musescore software: the best free score writing software available. It does anything from 90-95% of what an expensive professional score writing software can do, it is easy to navigate and has been used by some well known publishers for commercially available music scores:

Andreas Koch, guitarist: one of today's best known players of alto and historical guitars:

Carsten Grøndahl, guitarist: alto guitarist from Denmark and owner of cgcopenhagen, mentioned above

Rob MacKillop, musician: a performer, teacher & arranger on lute, guitar and various other related instruments, and font of knowledge about these subjects:

Stewart Kelly, guitarist: an accomplished Scottish guitarist & teacher, who will premiere my piece Elegy for MacCrimmon in his 2024 concert series: 

Julian Maunder-Photo-Portraiture: who took some of the photographs on this website. He is also a musician so he is particularly knowledgeable about the requirements of musicians who need to be photographed: